Craig Wright to Pay $100 Million to Kleiman Estate Concluding Bitcoin Case

Craig Wright to Pay $100 Million to Kleiman Estate Concluding Bitcoin Case

Craig Wright, who claims to be the infamous bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, will pay $100 million to the Kleiman estate after a protracted lawsuit reached its conclusion.

A Miami court passed the verdict on Dec 6, in a case that claims that Wright had deceived a former associate over bitcoin intellectual property.

The associate, Dave Kleiman, had worked with Wright before he died in 2013, and his estate alleged that Wright and Kleiman had mined 1.1 million bitcoins. The lawyers argued that the Kleiman estate was entitled to half of those mined bitcoins, which amounts to roughly $70 billion.

However, there was little said on Wright’s claim that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Most market enthusiasts dismiss Wright’s claim and point to several bits of evidence that indicate that he is not the legendary Bitcoin creator.


The case has been ongoing for years, and Wright adamantly stated in court on multiple occasions that he invented bitcoin. Had Wright lost the case, it would have led to him having to prove that he has access to Satoshi’s bitcoins. Unfortunately for those who would have liked to see him prove it, he will only need to pay $100 million to the Kleiman estate relating to a charge of unlawful use of funds.

This brings an end to one of the most hotly viewed legal cases in the crypto market. But, while Wright will likely be happy to see this case concluded, he still has several others to contend with.

Craig Wright v. Kleiman bitcoin saga finally comes to an end

Unsurprisingly, Wright is touting the decision as a victory. But he has a lot else to deal with, as he is still embroiled in multiple other legal battles. For instance, in June 2020, he staked a claim to the Mt. Gox funds that were stolen during the infamous hack in 2014.

Wright is also involved in several other litigations, some of which first occurred this year. He himself sued the developers of bitcoin to retrieve $5 billion in what he claims is stolen BTC.

COPA has also filed a lawsuit against Wright after he threatened with legal action over copyright claims related to the bitcoin whitepaper.


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