Community-powered crypto trading: CryptoRobotics joins Cointelegraph Accelerator

Community-powered crypto trading: CryptoRobotics joins Cointelegraph Accelerator

Crypto market charts can make traders feel exhausted just by looking at them, and chances are high that this contributed to the prolonged bear season. After experiencing historic lows for well over a year, both first-timers and experienced traders are looking for ways to stay afloat in the crypto market, and it might feel like a never-ending grind.

In times like these, when individual efforts and manual orders hardly yield results due to the unpredictability of the market, it’s crucial for traders to get together and learn from each other. Adding a social aspect to crypto trading might be the answer, and one project aims to do that.

CryptoRobotics offers automated trading on cryptocurrency exchanges, enabling users to implement popular strategies. Their cloud-based technology allows traders to execute trades simultaneously and benefit from each other’s successful trading strategies. With features like autostrategies, copy trading or crypto signals, CryptoRobotics aims to unite all traders and investors by developing a trading index that will bring its users into one large community with shared goals.

One of CryptoRobotics’ key differentiators in the industry is its commitment to uniting traders and investors with a shared purpose. Unlike many projects that focus on driving commissions and fees, CryptoRobotics aims to create a trading index that fosters a community with common goals. Their profit-sharing model ensures fairness and equity among all participants within the community. Traders who provide successful strategies earn rebates, while investors who profit share with the strategy providers. This approach caters to both beginners and experienced traders, emphasizing community support and recognition for passionate traders.


Pro traders’ signals now open to all users

The auto-following CryptoRobotics feature combines trading robots with signals, first provided by analysts or experienced traders and then executed by robots. This feature simplifies continuous trading for newcomers with an uncomplicated setup.

Meanwhile, analysts and professional traders have the opportunity to monetize their trading strategies through automation.

CryptoRobotics’ dashboard is available with desktop and mobile interfaces. Source: CryptoRobotics

In addition, CryptoRobotics is integrated into 15 major crypto exchanges. Users can trade using its bots, which have a risk management system, for spot and futures exchanges. The CryptoRobotics team explained that the project combines the best practices from traditional asset markets, including user-created strategies, copy trades and risk management through multiple asset investments.

“CryptoRobotics is a platform for beginners and experienced traders, but most importantly, for enthusiastic traders who need community support and recognition,” a CryptoRobotics spokesperson said. “Those who love the market and stay awake for weeks anticipating a big win or after a fatal mistake.”

Cointelegraph Accelerator picked CryptoRobotics as the latest addition to the program’s growing roster of promising Web3 and crypto startups. The CryptoRobotics team has already built a product generating revenue in a tough crypto-investing market. CryptoRobotics’ social approach to trading picked up the pace, generating over 55,000 registered users, 20 trading robots and over 50 popular strategies since its launch. The platform saw over $1 billion in trading volume in 2022. The head office of the startup is in Estonia, and most of its team is based in Bali.

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