Blockster Ads Introduces Advertising Platform for Crypto Businesses

Blockster Ads Introduces Advertising Platform for Crypto Businesses

Just a few days ago, META announced the expansion of their advertising options to include cryptocurrency businesses.

However, only those who possess 1 of the 27 eligible regulatory licenses are eligible for placing their ads within the platform, so the majority of those businesses will not qualify. 

What this means is that, even though a corner of the blanket ban has been finally lifted, digital asset projects will still have a hard time promoting their products and services on major platforms, or reaching their communities online.

Fortunately, a proper solution is on the way. Blockster, the content-driven platform for cryptocurrencies, is launching Blockster Ads, a native self-serve advertising platform. As the platform is delivered in the first quarter of 2022, all crypto and blockchain-related businesses will be able to advertise their products with zero restrictions. 


Blockster CEO and Founder Adam Todd recently announced a pilot program for Blockster Ads, which will be launched at the beginning of 2022 across their network of 200+ cryptocurrency businesses.

But what is Blockster anyways?

Before we deep-dive into Blockster Ads, let’s first take a look at Blockster itself.

Currently, open to the public and live since July 2021, the Blockster all-in-one content platform continues to roll out new features and upgrades.

From educational guides and fresh news to opinion articles, real-time coin prices and in-depth project information, plus a scroll-down feed delivering all kinds of ways to earn cryptocurrency, blockchain hustlers can find all information they need on Blockster: the latest events, trends, and market dynamics within the cryptocurrency industry.

At the same time, it’s also an excellent opportunity for Blocksters to connect with market players, such as the over 500,000+ subscribers, 200+ cryptocurrency businesses, and more than 150+ industry writers and content creators, as well as thought leaders and influencers.

Blockster is powered by its native BXR utility token that serves as the currency for all transactions on the platform — the main utility being used for Blockster Ads. In addition to its supply capped at 100 million coins, BXR features a deflationary mechanism in which the project burns 5% of the BXR spent on advertising.

Furthermore, Blockster shares 20% of its advertising revenue with BXR stakers to offer the project’s user base an opportunity to leverage its platform’s growth. The company projects the platform to reach 50,000,000 unique visitors monthly and ad revenues at $40,000,000 each quarter.

It’s time to meet Blockster ads

Now that you know the essentials about Blockster let’s explore the details about the project’s upcoming advertising platform.

As a crucial element of the ecosystem, Blockster Ads empowers advertisers to reach high-quality cryptocurrency audiences via their self-serve advertising platform that lacks the censorship and restrictions of traditional social networks and major platforms.

Instead, cryptocurrency projects and businesses can freely promote their services, increase app installs, grow their communities, and boost their brand visibility. Whatever their objectives or goals, Blockster helps in reaching them.

To best suit everyone’s needs, Blockster designed its advertising platform to offer high customizability and flexibility for advertisers. In addition to setting flexible budgets and targeting options, businesses can select from multiple ad formats to achieve their goals.

While easy setup and efficient ad delivery are both guaranteed, advertisers can track the performance of all their campaigns in real-time. They can leverage the detailed data about their ads to adjust the targeting or budge on the go to fine-tune results.

It’s important to note that, since BXR powers all transactions on the content platform, it’s the only accepted currency on Blockster Ads.

Since the token’s value is directly tied to Blockster’s growth, BXR holders will benefit from favorable price dynamics and increased staking rewards via the revenue-sharing program when advertisers spend more on the platform.

Join the 10-day Blockster ads pilot

While Blockster is a no-brainer for crypto-enthusiasts to source content and interact with their communities, Blockster Ads is a must-have for every blockchain project, startup, and enterprise that seeks to grow its audience without the limitations of tech giants.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait too long until you can try out the project’s advertising platform. While Blockster Ads will be launched in Q1 2022, you can participate in the free, 10-day-long pilot program with fellow advertisers.

Starting in Q1 2022, you can join the Blockster Ads pilot program by dropping an email. For now, the platform is live in an early access stage. 

We invite you to visit the platform, to browse all the crypto-related content, and create an account to stay up to date with all the latest trends and happenings in the industry.


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